ERRE SUBMISSIONS Submissions to the Special Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform.

SUMMARY  Submissions cover voting rights, reformed First Past The Post (FPTP), Alternative Vote (AV) and Single Transferable Vote (STV) election systems, winning the right to elect, inadequacies of existing election systems, results of referendums and guiding principles.

Each reformed system is a Proportional Representation (PR) election system.  In some models, the election rate of voters approaches 100%.  This makes proportional representation close to perfect.  Also in each system, the election method is unchanged.  What’s more, the reforms are simple.

To view a submission, just click on one of the following links:

  1. FPTP PR
  2. AV PR
  3. Reformed STV

Each of the above election systems produces inherently better representation than their unreformed election system counterparts.

NOTE:  Some corrections have been made to the submissions as required. focuses on improving the way politics works through nonpartisan education, advocacy and modern electoral reform.  Its mission is to advance voting rights.